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Medical practitioners in Stratford now are Drs. J. A. Corcoran, J. M. Dunsmore, J. A. Devlin, George Deacon, D. B. Fraser, D. M. Fraser, (Miss) Daisy Macklin, J. D. Monteith, J. A. Robertson, W.N. Robertson, J.P. Rankin, and W. G. Walker.

Dentists. - Drs. A. E. Ahrens, J. A. Bothwell, E. H. Eidt, W. R. Hamilton, and A. A. MacKenzie.

Veterinary surgeons. - J. W. Orr and Wm. Steele.

The legal profession embraces the firms of Idington & Robertson, Mabee & Makins, McPherson & Davidson, Smith & Steele, Woods & Coughlin, G. W. Lawrence & Son, R. T. Harding, A. M. Panton, and A. H. Monteith.

The executive officers of Stratford from incorporation as a town in 1854 are as follows:

Reeves. - 1854-5, W. J. McCulloch; 1856-8, A. B. Orr.

Mayors. - During 1859 Stratford was created a town, electing a mayor as chief magistrate, J.C.W. Daly first occupying that position. 1860-2, W. F. McCulloch; 1863-7, P. R. Jarvis; 1868, J. A. Carrall; 1869-70, T. M. Daly; 1871-2, John A. McCulloch; 1873-4, Thomas Stoney; 1875, Samuel R. Hesson; 1876-8, T. M. Daly; 1879, Alex. Grant; 1880-1, A. W. Robb; 1882, David Scrimgeour; 1883, Wm. Roberts; 1884-5, William Gordon; 1886-7 C. J. Macgregor; 1888-9, H. T. Butler; 1890-1, John Brown; 1892, Elijah Hodgins; 1893-4, John C. Monteith; 1895-6, William Davidson; 1897-8, John O'Donohue; 1899-1900, James Hodd; 1901-2, James Stamp.

Clerks. - 1854, Stewart Campbell; 1855-6, S. L. Robarts; 1857-9, Alexander Leitch; 1860-2, John Hamilton; 1863-5, Henry Sewell, sr. ; 1866-82, Henry Sewell, jr. ; 1883-1902, Robert R. Lang.

Treasurers. - 1854, Adam Seegmiller; 1855-65, Alexander McGregor; 1866-95, George W. Lawrence; 1896-1902, William Lawrence.

Assessors. - 1854, James Woods, Charles Vivian, Peter Ferguson; 1855-6, Robert Keays, Alexander Scrimgeour; 1857, John A. Scott, Alex. Scrimgeour; 1858, P. Ferguson, Robert Monteith; 1859, R. Monteith; 1860-1, William Hynes; 1862-5, William Easson; 1866-9, D. T. Bailey; 1870, Joseph Johns; 1871, James Bennoch; 1872-86, D. T. Bailey; 1887, P. R. Jarvis, D. McPherson; 1888, James Sharman; 1889, W. S. Bolger; 1890-1902, Jas. Sharman.

Collectors. - 1854, Robert Johnson; 1855-6, R. Keays; 1857-61, William Downie; 1862-4, Robert Service; 1865-78, Joseph Johns; 1879-80, Thomas Stoney; 1881-95, J. Johns : 1896-1902, David Scrimgeour.

Auditors. - 1854, Peter Reid, S. L. Robarts; 1855-6, Robert Williams, Mr. Mickle; 1857, R. M. Hay, John M. Robb; 1858, Jas. Orr, Jas. Redford; 1859, Peter Watson, P. R. Jarvis; 1860, William Powell, Wm. D. Harrison; 1861, R. S. Service, Henry Sewell; 1862, R. S. Service, W. D. Harrison; 1863, John Watson, Wm. Whitley; 1864, C. A. Crawford, Thomas Clark; 1865, Thos. Clark, R. H. Nielson; 1866, Thos. Clark, Edwin Dent; 1867, John D. Hanson, Henry Imlach; 1868, Thos. Clark, John A. Scott; 1869, Thos. Clark, E. Dent; 1870, Thos. Maddocks, C. J. Macgregor; 1871, Thos. Clark, Jas. O'Loane; 1872, Alexander Caven, Thos. Clark; 1873, Thos. Clark, John A. Scott; 1874-3, Thos.Clark, F. A. Marshall; 1876-8, Thos. Clark, J. A. Scott; 1879-80, J. A. Scott, Alfred Burnham; 1881, David Scott, A. Burnham; 1882-3, D. Scott, W. H. Burnham; 1884-95, W. H. Burnham, G. G. Ewart; 1896, P. R. Jarvis, G. G. Ewart; 1897-1902, H. W. Copus, G. G. Ewart.

From History of Perth County 1825-1902 by William Johnston, published in 1903